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Installation Guide

Using Docker

It is recommended to run Manael with Docker. A Docker image for running Manael is published on Docker Hub.

Get the image with docker pull manael/manael:latest command before running Manael with Docker. Using Docker eliminates a need to add unnecessary files to your environment.

Using a binary

You can download the Manael build for 64bit GNU/Linux.

1. Create a working directory

First, create a working directory to extract the downloaded file when installing Manael.

$ mkdir manael
$ cd manael

2. Download

Download the latest version of Manael (manael_1.x.y_Linux_x86_64.tar.gz) from the release page on GitHub. Then, extract the downloaded file to the directory created in step 1.

$ wget
$ tar xf manael_1.x.y_Linux_x86_64.tar.gz

3. Install

Use the install command to copy the file. You can do the same thing with the cp and mv commands, but using the install command gives the executable the appropriate execution permissions.

$ sudo install manael /usr/local/bin

Build from source

The source code is hosted on GitHub, and Manael is written in Go. To install Manael, make sure to install Go and Git first, and copy the repository.

$ go build -o manael cmd/manael/main.go